Portfolio References

Classic Route 66 Commercial Building

San Bernardino, California


Project Description:

  • Architecture, Planning, Engineering
  • Permit with Cal-Trans
  • Building a 1,500 square foot commercial building from ground up
  • Grading, building parking lot
  • landscape according the to Planning Division
  • Block walls, curbs, sidewalks
  • HVAC, electrical, plumbing

Giant Builders designed and engineered. Building a commercial building on the historic Route 66.  A large scaled project to be finished by 2016.

Brown Residence

San Antonio Heights,  CA 91784


Project Description:

  • Block walls development
  • Stamp concrete walkway
  • Built natural stone pillar/concrete walls 
  • Concrete patio and stairway 
  • Clay tile patio cover (Structural Engineering)
  • Hardscape development
  • Custom B.B.Q with all gas lines
  • Landscape design and development
  • Landscape lighting installation
  • Irrigation system engineering
  • All building permits built to county code

Below are the actual photos of the project for the Brown's residence from start to finish. This was a very large scaled project that involved development/design/architecture provided by Giant Builders to the client. We can make your dream a reality.


Rick Odin Residence

San Dimas,  CA 91701


Project Description:

  • Removed and hauled away old fence
  • Built new footing for solid post
  • Designed and built fence frame
  • Built redwood fence approx 300 linear feet


The heavy winds had caused the old fence to collapse. We hauled away the old fence, and built a stronger redwood fence using treated wood including deeper concrete post. We were working with three home owners to build the long fence. The homeowners were pleased with the outcome of their fences built by Giant Co.

Busey Residence

Alta Loma,  CA 91701


Project Description:

  • Exterior home repair caulking and sealing
  • Coatings for all the damaged areas
  • Entry way of home concrete level and clean
  • Laying concrete to lay tile
  • Installation of 1x1 tile for the floor of entry way
  • Finish and grout
  • Exterior BBQ

Below are the actual photos of the project. The owner had worked with us before and hired us to do another quality project. Owners were very satisfied with Giant Builders and wanted us to use them as reference. 

Raymund Nanadiego

Irvine,  CA 92606


Project Description:

  • Demolition of the railroad ties
  • Trench for footing foundation
  • Footing and rebar construction
  • Built retaining wall
  • Installation of drain system

Mr. Tony was very pleased with our work, and wanted us to make sure that we used him as our reference. We will make sure as a construction company to get the job done right, plus give the best service, with the best price. 

Thelma Lugo Residence

Walnut,  CA 91789


Project Description:

  • Solar panels modifications
  • Demolition of the roof 
  • Replaced all damage plywood on the roof
  • Sealed and waterproofed the roof with special sheathing
  • Removed and modified skylights
  • Installation of the roof with clay tile
  • Installed gutter system with trim

Below are the actual photos of the project. The owner had been very disappointed with three previous contractors, because the leaking roof could not be fixed. Giant Builders was able to fix all the leaks and install the roof with clay tile. Fixing the leaks was a miracle the owner told us. Giant will repair every area that needs to be fixed 100% guaranteed.

All references and photos are of actual customers of Giant Builders, Inc. Upon request we will provide the actual phone number and address. Photos are property of Giant Builders, Inc Copyright 2009 by Law.

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