Portfolio References

Hameed Residence

La Verne,  CA


Project Description:

  • Dining room addition
  • Design and blueprints provided by Giant Builders
  • Footing and foundation construction
  • Electrical and HVAC
  • Engineered framing structure
  • Built per city code


The project was a dining room addition. Giant Builders provided the design and permits for the owners. From start to finish, we completed the project with excellence and precision.


Dr. Joey Santos Residence

Anaheim Hills,  CA 92808


Project Description:

  • Built two lattice patios with special design
  • Built 3 balconies, engineered to hold people on top
  • Concrete and masonry work
  • 51 dual pane energy saving window installation
  • Interior drywall work
  • Wood glass fence re-built
  • Structural foundation work
  • Blueprints for patio and deck


We had to design, plan, and get city permits to execute this project. Mr. and Mrs. Santos were pleased with our work and wanted us to use them as reference.

Saif Residence

Yorba Linda,  CA 92885


Project Description:

  • Blueprint and design provided 
  • Demo current retaining wall and expand land use
  • Built new retaining wall and two brick columns
  • Laid concrete sidewalks and large patio area
  • Laid retaining wall footing with rebar construction
  • Needed city permits and inspections


This project was to expand the current retaining wall. We had to draw up plans and design to pass through planning and get approved by the building department. Mr. and Mrs. Saif were pleased with our work and wanted us to use them as reference. 

Dr. Asahi Residence

Laguna Niguel,  CA 92607


Project Description:

  • Drainage problems with concrete walkway
  • Demo all the current walkways
  • Built new walkways with stamp concrete
  • Installed proper drainage system
  • Merko deck systems installed for balconies
  • Modified the closets


This project was mostly masonry work for a multi-million dollar home. We had to install proper drainage. Also we needeed to make sure the balconies were leak proof and installed Merko deck systems. Mr. and Mrs. Asahi were pleased with our work and wanted us to use them as reference.  

Felipe Olivar Residence

Yorba Linda,  CA 92885


Project Description:

  • Removed all the old concrete driveway and side patio area
  • Removed all the roots causing cracks in concrete
  • Installed drains to properly drain the concrete areas
  • Installed new color concrete driveway and side patio area
  • Installed veneer stones on planter walls


This project was to demo old driveway and side patio area to install new color concrete. Also, we installed veneer stones on planter walls. Mr. and Mrs. Olivar were pleased with our work and wanted us to use them as reference.  

Mt. San Antonio Gardens

900 E. Harrison Ave

Pomona,  CA 91767


Project Description:

  • Tenant improvement/interior painting 
  • Exterior wood repair/replace
  • Bathroom wall repairs
  • Kitchen wall repairs 

Mt. San Antonio Gardens Senior Community Center has chosen Giant Builders to remodel/improve the tenants' residence and main buildings. Mt. San Antonio Gardens only uses contractors with the best track record and best workmanship.We are proud to serve this community.

All references and photos are of actual customers of Giant Builders, Inc. Upon request we will provide the phone number and address. Photos are property of Giant Builders, Inc. Copyright 2009 by Law.

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